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I understand firsthand the struggle to find the necessary resources, support, and reliable information to feel confident and trust one's own intuitive abilities. Having embarked on my own journey towards clarity, I felt compelled to take action. What began as a means to align and embody my abilities soon transformed into a mission to assist thousands of individuals in connecting with their intuition, aligning with their true selves, and confidently showing up in their lives like never before.

 "One day or day one. You decide." - Unknown

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E-Books and Guides by Amber Price Clarity Coach

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Amber Price is clearly gifted with her divinely given abilities as a psychic and medium. I have had the privilege of experiencing her one on one sessions and being apart of her incredible Clarity Academy on-line community. What I really want to convey in this testimonial is the way she delivers and explains the messaging she sees and hears. There is a certain level of emotional support that gently opened my eyes to the parts of my life that I needed to get clear on. Because of that guidance, I was able to immediately pivot and change course to make choices that brought me closer to my life's purpose. More importantly, Amber did an excellent job of holding such a sacred and safe space for me with the level of vulnerability I would feel in what she would share and describe about my past, present, and future. Thank you Amber, I felt supported, seen, and heard in every session.

Jennifer Haufler

Film Producer

Jennifer Haufler Film Producer, Testimonial for Amber Price Clarity Coach

Dr. Tiffany Hunt

Clinical Psychologist, Sound & Breathwork Practitioner

Amber has opened my mind and my heart to new perspectives and possibilities. As a participant in Amber’s workshops, I was inspired to re-discover my own voice and to help others find their voices along their journeys. Amber has been both an amazing sounding board and guide toward my spiritual awakening. She strikes a lovely balance between sharing her own gifts and encouraging other empaths, healers, and light workers to develop their own skill sets. I look forward to continued collaboration with Amber as well as opportunities to see her gifts and insights come to fruition.

Dr. Tiffany Hunt, Testimonial for Amber Price Clarity Coach

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I knew from the minute I met Amber that she was the real deal. I have enjoyed working alongside her at speaking events including her amazing Halo award evening. Amber Price is truly a gift to anyone who crosses her path. Talented, intelligent, ambitious, gracious and one of the most joyous people I have ever met. :)

Lori Brant

The Happiness Coach

Lori Brant The Happiness Coach, Testimonial for Amber Price Clarity Coach

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