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Finding Balance During an Energy Shift

astrology clarity eclipse energy full moon retrograde Jun 24, 2021
Finding Balance During an Energy Shift

Finding Balance During an Energy Shift

If you are sensitive to energy, then no doubt you have noticed the intense shift of energy over the last couple weeks! We have just experienced a solar eclipse during a Mercury retrograde and now we are entering a strawberry super moon. Regardless of the shifts in universal energy, each of us will experience varying changes to our energetic body as a natural, and essential, occurrence to our ascension process.

Changes in energy can have some of the following effects on us:
● Dizziness or lightheaded
● Mild headache
● Stress, anxiousness, sadness, overwhelmed
● Emotions are heightened or up and down
● Digestive issues
● Body’s sensitive to touch
● Want to be alone
● Intolerant to noise
● Feeling that everything around you is chaotic
● Shadow Self appears in overdrive
● Sense of time speeds up
● Feeling resistance to making changes
● Things manifest very quickly

Managing energy, and managing how you perceive energy as it relates to your reality is challenging enough, but when you add in the shifting collective energy, it leaves you asking one question: “Why is nothing working?” Many energetically sensitive people are looking for a way to calm the energy around
them while they are left feeling like their energy is out of control, or one extreme to the other. Many of the energy balancing or grounding tricks are not cutting it right now, leaving you feeling like giving up or avoiding this energy shift all together, basically wake me when it’s over! No matter how little benefit you feel from your normal ‘go-to’, keep doing it because you will get some relief.

Here are some great ways to manage energy:
● Keep hydrated
● Eat healthy foods
● Spend time in nature
● Go for a walk
● Yoga
● Breathe work
● Journal
● Meditate
● Healing crystals
● Burn sage or other healing herbs

But what if these are not working? You know they are great tips, and you use them daily to release or ground but they are not working, and you are feeling overwhelmed and lack motivation. Let’s be honest, energy shifts can bring us major discomfort! When the energy is causing so much discomfort to your
daily routine that you cannot find solace even after pulling out the big guns and trying every trick you have up your sleeve, you know it is here to stay until you go through the energy NOT around it. There is no avoiding or escaping this, it is here so you can learn and grow, enabling you to come out of this with a deeper understanding of Self.

Here are some strategies to use with the tips above to help manage even the most powerful energy shift:
● Acknowledge and accept the collective energy
o You resist what you do not know, so accept and acknowledge the energy that is here,
and you cannot change it or stop it, embrace the shift
● Stay focused on your own energy body and heal your auric field
● Observe and release thoughts
o You do not have to understand or interpret all thoughts that pass through your mind
● Set intentions to focus on self-care to clear and ground energy
● Observe and release your resistance to self-care
o Feelings of shame or guilt may surface, observe your emotions and reactions
● Give yourself permission to be yourself, take care of yourself, and set boundaries
● Recite positive affirmations
o To help you keep the mindset of managing energy and embracing self-care
● Set small self-care goals for the day
o Change the goals as needed to reflect your desires
● Allow yourself to make choices
o Do what you want to do without judging or setting standards for yourself based on what
works, or is accepted by, others
o Make choices that define your desires and support your goals
● Don’t apologize
o Stop apologizing for your emotions, thoughts, or ideas to make others comfortable at
the cost of your discomfort
o Speak your truth as it relates to your life’s purpose

Essentially, this energetic shift is like a huge download of information in a system that is not yet updated. Resisting this download can create chaos causing a ‘system failure’, but if you ‘upgrade’ you can manage this shift of energy to stay in balance. When energy shifts cause you such discomfort to the point of feeling overwhelmed or disconnected, allow yourself time to observe, heal, and ground your energy. Managing energy and managing how you perceive energy, as it relates to your human experience is essential in honouring yourself and living life authentically. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to be you, that waiting room holds you hostage. Go within, listen, feel, and let go, so you can stay balanced in body, mind, and soul.


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