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Spirituality Makes you Look and Feel Younger

authentic clarity energy spirituality Nov 24, 2022
Spirituality Makes you Look and Feel Younger

Spirituality Makes you Look and Feel Younger

There are plenty of studies demonstrating the profound effects of the mind and beliefs of aging. Although we all have genetic predispositions, our health and aging are not predetermined. When we make conscious choices in our behaviours and where we centre our attention, we are able to transform our bodily experience to decrease feeling and looking aged.

These 10 strategies are pragmatic ways to tap into your inner creativity, energy, and vitality that will leave you feeling and looking rejuvenated!

Create Effective Energy Protection

Protecting your energy and creating grounding regimens is crucial to your mental and physical health due to the fact that it is detrimental to your overall happiness. We find ourselves giving a large portion of ourselves away every single day to our peers, coworkers and loved ones. It is important to recognize that our personal needs are equally necessary as everyone else’s. By protecting your energy, you are giving yourself the gift of a healthy headspace and ultimately, not 'wearing' negative energy.

Heal Your Inner Traumas

If you have experienced psychological trauma, there may be some signs of internal suffering such as; anxiety, mood swings and stress. Finding the strength to look within — with the intention of discovering any unhealed wounds you may have — is the start of the healing process. Healing yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your own well being. Healing your wounds will elevate your vibrational energy for a more vibrant auric body.

Revisit Your Beliefs Systems And Values 

It is essential that you are intentional with the beliefs and values you choose to uphold. You will come across a point where your values are tested. In order to stand firm, we must know our ‘why’. By revisiting the beliefs and values you choose to live with, you are able to rediscover the clarity and confidence that guides you in making choices aligned with those beliefs. When you eliminate the worry and confusion from your life, you will feel healthier and radiate a beautiful, confident energy.

Identify If Your Fears Have Any Validation

Fear is a debilitating energy that can halt you in living to your fullest potential. If you have identified that the fear you are experiencing is irrational and non factual, surrender yourself in order to find a sense of peace. Fear can be seen on our body, our face, our energy and it can age our appearance. 

Take A Breath

Bring awareness to your tendencies by responding instead of reacting. Giving yourself the gift of time and breath will allow you to respond in your true manner instead of giving a reaction which may leave you feeling regretful in the future. Ask yourself if this is a situation you wish to engage in and what energy you want to represent yourself with while handling a potential conflicting situation will allow you to live in the moment and absent of regrets that wear us down.

Take Chances

Many of your life’s greatest achievements and memories may have required you stepping out of your comfort zone. Taking a risk to achieve a goal requires courage to face the uncertainty. By doing so, we grow as individuals during the process and become resilient and confident while exposing ourselves to the opportunity of new experiences. Taking chances is invigorating and keeps us youthful as the energy of fun chance-taking lifts our spirits.

Raise Your Vibration

Manifest your own positivity, light and love by raising your vibration. Channeling your efforts into raising your energetic frequency by; drinking water, maintaining a balanced diet, exercising and meditating. These are all excellent practices that you could gift yourself with. When you lift yourself up, you bring others with you, and you both generate a youthful and radiant energy!

Visualize Yourself Vibrantly

When one visualizes themselves as youthful, healthy, and full of vitality, this can bolster positive affects and optimism. By practicing this specific mindfulness, you are setting the intention to live your life through your own visualizations which will eventually take you on the path of experiencing yourself as what you initially inspired to be - youthful.

Love Yourself

It may seem easier to love others than it does to love yourself however, self acceptance is critical to developing a healthy relationship with yourself and others. When you love yourself, it means they have the ability to recognize your own self worth and are able to live as authentically as possible. Loving yourself means accepting all of the aspects of yourself and showing up with vulnerability therefore, youthfulness shines!

Follow Your Intuition

Sometimes intuition is subtle, characteristically and is often ignored. When you access and follow your intuition, the results are life changing! Let yourself be guided on the path of least resistance, while also practicing acceptance towards the natural direction of your journey. Listen to your inner innate wisdom that you possess deep within. When you live intuitively, what you can achieve is unimaginable. Sometimes when we are in our own head that process feels stressful, overwhelming and honestly, it feels like it aged us as we navigated through it, intuition eliminates this tiring process.

Inevitably, everyone biologically ages, however, you have the chance to feel youthful and rejuvenated again! Take these steps and become the person you strive to be. Your body is a product of what thoughts you allow into your mind and soul.


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