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Traits of an Authentic Leader

authentic awareness business clarity leadership Nov 24, 2022
Traits of an Authentic Leader

Traits of an Authentic Leader

Authentic leaders are exceptional people who are motivated to shape goals, influence greatness in self and others, and create meaning behind their life experience, to affect the greatest good for a vast number of others. 

Authentic leaders possess the following 8 undeniable traits:


  • Awareness of ideas coming from consciousness
  • Deep thought processors
  • Ability to balance the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self to manage stress, promote wellness and lead their team to the same level of mindfulness
  • Clarity through enlightened wisdom and ability to identify own limits


  • Understand there is a deeper meaning to life and to their work
  • Greatly influenced by knowing they are intuitively connected to this industry
  • Consciousness is on purpose, living our life purpose is greatly affected by the motivation and confidence to pursue it
  • Living with the mentality that ‘This is not a job; this is a life purpose’ and the decision to engage with the desire to benefit the greater good


  • Intuitive ability to set future goals for optimal organizational success
  • Deeper wisdom to forecast potential challenges
  • Ability to intuitively to see future trends for maximum organizational growth
  • Discipline to connect to consciousness and execute the steps necessary to bring the idea to fruition. Even if others may think it is far-reaching, these are the best leadership minds

No Boundaries

  • Creation and innovation come from motivation and the ability to see beyond black and white, they are ‘outside the box’ thinkers
  • There are no limits to what can be created, and the Authentic Leader knows that anything is possible, otherwise, we would never benefit from diagnostic medicine, blue tooth technology, electricity, etc.
  • Patience to adjust the plans as needed and to give the idea time to manifest


  • The ability to build relationships through genuine interest in knowing what makes others passionate and motivated
  • Successfully foster a community with culture and openness
  • Compelled to encourage unity with a ‘family’ style dynamic
  • Deep understanding of what motivates individuals and where their passion lies, and what their long-term goals are
  • Those who work together play together
  • Team environment not ‘co-worker’ mentality to bring like-minded people together to achieve organizational goals
  • Driven to build this like-minded team by choosing people who are a ‘good fit’. Often Authentic Leaders are compelled to offer employment to someone simply based on their ‘gut’ feeling and ‘knowing’ that it will be a good choice. Feeling like a new team member was a ‘missing link’ to the team

Influential Vocabulary

  • The natural ability to motivate others with their positive attitude and serenity from the awareness that allows them to emulate confidence
  • Concise and clear communication with others
  • Authentic Leaders often initiate team building events, morning rallies, tailgate talks etc.
  • They do not use the word ‘no’, rather they consider all avenues of possibility


  • Authentic Leaders often do not need praise or recognition, because they are manifesting ideas from consciousness, for the highest good


  • Motivated to maintain a healthy work-life balance with the ‘work hard-play hard’ mentality
  • Effectively manages time for hobbies and outside interests
  • Surrounds self with beauty at work and home for inspiration, such as fashionable wardrobe to dress for success, down-to-earth office design to maintain grounding, shiny jewelry and even new toys like cars, boats etc. to enjoy down time
  • Understands the importance of going within and practices meditation
  • Driven to achieve an optimal level of health and wellness through physical activity

Authentic Leaders have sharp minds, intuitively curious life-long learners, and masters of awareness. Anyone can be a leader; however, the most influential leaders are the people that possess the skills of the authentic leader and have a genuine desire to think big, to optimally manifest ideas that affect a large amount of people! Authentic Leaders go within and elicit the consciousness for a continual flow of ideas, with patience, flexibility, and motivation.


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