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What Not To Do When Accepting An Award

awards awareness business clarity Nov 24, 2022
What Not To Do When Accepting An Award

What Not To Do When Accepting An Award

An award is presented to an individual, or group, who is being honoured for their incredible activity or meaningful impact. Being honoured with an award is quite common, and found often within our society, as a marker of progress, and to acknowledge all of the advancements people make constantly.


Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to accept, or accept gracefully, when honoured with an award. Sometimes just focusing on what to say and strive for, such as poise and graciousness, feels unauthentic to some, and to others it may bring up fears or blocks leaving them paralyzed. Perhaps focusing on what NOT to do may eliminate any room for misinterpretation.


Here are the 4 things NOT to do when accepting an award:

Exclude Your Supporters

Many people unfortunately don’t take the time to show gratitude and say, “Thank you”. When the awardee is being recognized, sometimes intense overwhelm starts to take over. When this happens, some people tend to become so engulfed in their moment of being in the limelight that they forget to acknowledge, or include, all of the people who assisted and supported them through their journey. The people who most likely played a role in the success of the awardee such as, clients or customers, family, and friends want to feel included in their achievements, since they have been faithfully supportive since the beginning. Let's face it, these people who have contributed to the awardee's success want to feel visible, valued, and appreciated. It’s a must-do to make supporters feel like part of the team who help shape the awardee into who they are today.


Fear Being Disliked or Judged

People experience fear and self doubt about their accomplishments each day. Something to be expected when one forges their own path, is judgment. When people are judgmental, it typically correlates to their own personal expectations of what they believe someone should be doing, thinking, or feeling. There are millions of beliefs and perceptions in the world, and time spent trying to please other people is a huge waste of their vital energy. If one let’s their fear of being judged hold them back from showing up and accepting their award fully, their accomplishments then become overshadowed by fear instead of all the success worth celebrating. Unfortunately, by avoiding the recognition, all of the people who hold the awardee in high regard may be disappointed that the person they look up to as a leader does not have the same faith in themselves as their supporters have in them.


Underestimate Your Value

People spend so much time fighting for the spotlight in our society and then find out they are receiving an award and instantly feel as if they are unworthy of being recognized. This is called “Imposter Syndrome." Many people do not want to be visible because it is uncomfortable for them. An excellent strategy to overcome these feelings is to dive into the negative thoughts and then put them into perspective. Self worth is systemic and cannot be challenged by others' opinions of you. Most people experience doubt, but it’s important to not let the doubt overshadow all of the positive and valuable attributes that have made one so successful.


Downplay Your Achievement

After achieving an award, some may find themselves overwhelmed with guilt because the other nominees were not awarded equally. When feelings like that occur, it’s important to remember that not all people can be entitled to an award. Awarding someone who has worked to inspire change and make an impact on our world is essential because they deserve to be acknowledged for all of their meaningful work. If everyone was acknowledged, the motivation of people would decrease — knowing that they will be recognized regardless of their level of effort and change. Ultimately, everyone can be acknowledged. However, the ones who disrupt old systems and create positive change will be the ones awarded due to their inspirational work leading humanity into a whole new world!

When one is chosen to be awarded for their work that aligns with their purpose, it displays what someone is capable of when they look within, and this also offers an opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness. Being honoured is validation that the awardee is showing up in their work and that others are supportive of their work as well. When it comes to accepting the award, it requires thoughtful and careful preparation. Show your supporters, and other award nominees, that you were worthy of receiving the award by being gracious, humble, and most of all — proud!


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