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Amber Price's mission is to provide an exclusive space for women who desire support as they connect to their higher consciousness, enhance their intuition, eliminate obstacles, and explore their belief systems that prevent them from mindfully pursuing their authentic life's purpose!

Empath Course

Denying your intuition leads to over thinking, confusion, frustration, and poor decisions. Empowerment starts with trusting your intuition and learning to follow your higher awareness to live a meaningful lifestyle, with clarity.

This online course is designed to help you understand the basics of clair senses and overcome the barriers that are preventing you from trusting your intuition. It's perfect for anyone looking to identify and recognize the traits of each of the 6 clair senses, manage their own abilities, and understand what clair sense they lead with so you can use them to your advantage, unlocking your full potential.

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She who denies the sight of her intuition walks blindly through life.

Amber Price



Gain Clarity

Discover how to make decisions with clarity and confidence, and unlock your higher awareness.


Amber Price The Clarity Coach, Empath Course, Unlock your potential
Amber Price The Clarity Coach, Empath Course, Gain Insight



Live Meaningfully

Learn to trust your intuition and live a meaningful lifestyle with purpose and direction.




Make Decisions

Say goodbye to overthinking, confusion, and frustration and start making decisions with ease.


Amber Price The Clarity Coach, Empath Course, Unique Perspective
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From Amber:


To me, your success is incredibly personal. I'll support you every step of the way.


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Testimonial for Amber Price by Dr. Tiffany Hunt


Amber has opened my mind and my heart to new perspectives and possibilities. As a participant in Amber’s workshops and Clarity Academy, I was inspired to re-discover my own voice and to help others find their voices along their journeys. Amber has been both an amazing sounding board and guide toward my spiritual awakening!

-Dr. Tiffany Hunt

Testimonial for Amber Price by Sydney Morrison


I have had the pleasure of working with Amber, in Clarity Academy and one on one sessions, over the years and it is clear that she is a truly talented individual. She has helped me learn about how to live as an Empath, how to develop a stronger connection to my intuition, and how to find clarity in life! 

-Sydney Morrison

Testimonial for Amber Price by Jennifer Haufler


I have had the privilege of experiencing her one on one sessions and being apart of her incredible Clarity Academy online course and community. There is a certain level of emotional support that gently opened my eyes to the parts of my life that I needed to get clear on. Because of that guidance, I was able to immediately pivot and change course to make choices that brought me closer to my life's purpose. More importantly, Amber did an excellent job of holding such a sacred and safe space for me!

-Jennifer Haufler

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