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Balance As An Empath

balance clarity empath energy spirituality wellness Nov 24, 2022
Balance As An Empath

Balance As An Empath

Have you ever been suddenly overwhelmed with emotion? Turns out, it may not be yours! We have all been a support system to someone in our lives, at one point or another, who was deeply hurting at the time. Now tell me, after listening to them or being in their presence, have you ever experienced their pain so intensely, you felt you could not separate from their energy and emotions?

You may be left feeling perplexed, wondering which emotions are truly yours and which are the feelings of others. Well, to ease your wonders, there is a large possibility that you may be an empath!

Now what is an empath? An empath is someone who can strongly tune in to feel and understand what energy others feel emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, to the point that they feel others’ sensations so magnified, that they experience them as their own. Empaths often connect to others in this way subconsciously, through psychic connection, to identify and assess their surroundings to stay balanced and safe. Empaths also have been known to take on the energy of others willingly and consciously to heal others from their burdens and create harmony and peace. Empaths can take on the energy others regardless of physical location and regardless of past, present, or future events.

Although being an empath is a wonderful and unique ability, it can also come with great costs. You know how there are people in our society who are immunocompromised and vulnerable to the common flu or virus? I like to describe empaths as those who are vulnerable to catching emotion, the same way an immunocompromised person would catch the flu. Some empaths struggle with heightened sensitivity so deeply, that they experience physical and mental illness due to the chronic stress of carrying so much energy of others.

You may be an empath if you have experienced the following:

• Sudden change of your moods without explanation

• Being over stimulated easily

• Sensitive to sounds, noise, lights, and touch

• Struggling to set appropriate boundaries

• Not being able to emotionally disconnect

• Other people are often confused by your emotions or reactions

Those are quite common experiences for an empath, which can make day to day life challenging. It’s important to acknowledge that there are healthy and unhealthy ways to live as an empath and it is a lifestyle that will take intention to live a balanced, happy, and healthy empathic life.

Here are a few strategies to live your best life as an empath:

Set Boundaries

When you’re an empath, you lead with your desire to heal and help others, and this may consume too much of your time and energy. To break the cycle, it is time to define those boundaries and do more things that you enjoy! What will you tolerate in your life? How do you want to experience your life? How much of your energy will you be willing to devote to others? It’s time to protect and restore your energy.

Nurture your Nervous System

Too much stimulation can catapult an empaths nervous system into overdrive which can cause the physical stress response systems that could cause illness. Try being in tune with your physical self and become aware of any overload of energy within. Practice deep breathing techniques to slow your heart rate and bring your nervous system back to balance. Inhale deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth. Repeat until you feel calmer. Mindful practices throughout your day can help you maintain a balanced and grounded lifestyle to prevent overloading your nervous system.

Protect your Energy

Empaths pick up on others’ emotions so naturally that your physical and emotional Self’s have a tough time differentiating what’s yours, and what’s someone else’s. Sometimes it is necessary for you to decline invitations to social events or spend more time in nature to protect your energy. To protect your energy, try practicing grounding and energy protection techniques that remind you that you are in control. A common technique would be to visualize yourself in a bubble, or visualize yourself walking through a waterfall, or roots coming from your feet into Earth. Find what works for you and you can ground, release, and protect your energy daily.

Living as a healthy empath is more than just implementing the strategies listed above, it is a lifelong journey that will be filled with ups and downs, but most of all self discovery. If you choose to honour yourself and take the steps to living your most authentic life, you will discover a renewed sense of value and live in alignment with your purpose. An empowered empath is a person who is a person who is vulnerable, yet strong and intuitive, and can live in harmony and balance.


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