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Can You Write Music by Accessing Your Intuition?

clairaudience clairsenses energy intuition mediumship psychic spirituality Nov 26, 2022
Can You Write Music by Accessing Your Intuition?

Can You Write Music by Accessing Your Intuition?

Some people can just feel it in their gut when something feels good or bad, and that’s how they know whether or not to take action. Others have always been able to hear songs in their head that just play on loop until they’re written down and recorded onto an album by their favorite artists. Well, what if you were one of those people who accesses their intuition through music? Using your psychic abilities, you can tap into the same psychic senses, such as clairaudience, that talented musicians use to write music and channel it into your own creative expression. The results may surprise you!


What is intuition?

Intuition is a psychic ability, often called your sixth sense. It's the ability to sense or get messages from spirit or universal energy. It's an extra-sensory perception that some people have that allows them to have an awareness of things without using their five senses. Some people call this ESP. Clairaudience is one of the types of intuition, and it's the ability to hear messages from spirit in your mind like you would hear someone talking to you out loud.


How can you use intuition to write music?

There are various ways you can use intuition to create music. One way is by using messages from spirit, as told in one musician's story portrayed in my blog post 'Messages Written to Music'. Tune into your intuition and wait for a message to come to you. This message may be in the form of a melody, a lyric, or an instrument sound. Once you receive the message, write it down on paper and try to see if there's a chord progression that can accompany it. If not, try different combinations until one feels right. Remember, as with any type of creativity, when writing music through intuition it's important to let go of any preconceived notions about what a song should sound like. Instead focus on being open to whatever comes through you.


Why would you want to use intuition to write music?

What if you could use your intuition to compose music that is a message from spirit? What if you could write music that is always meaningful, but never the same twice in a row. A song that would have meaning to the listener even if they didn't know the lyrics. It might not make sense at first, but when they hear it again and again, they'll come to understand what it means. Imagine how this would change people's lives as they go through difficult times and feel like all hope is lost.  They're able to find comfort in knowing that someone out there has gone through the same thing, too. They can tap into their creativity with intuitive messages from Spirit guiding them and find new ways of looking at life. And then imagine how much better things would be for society as a whole, the collective, if everyone felt more supported by one another, connected to Spirit and capable of overcoming any obstacle life throws their way...


How can you develop your psychic abilities?

There are a number of ways you can develop your psychic abilities to write music. Firstly, you should be open to the idea of psychic abilities and how they work. Secondly, you need to develop your personal connection to the spirit world and gain a better understanding of energy. Thirdly, you need to practice so that your psychic abilities can become stronger and more reliable when accessing them in the future. Finally, you should use the messages from spirit that come through in your dreams or meditation as inspiration for new pieces of music. When you receive these messages from spirit, listen carefully and commit them to memory. They may include words or phrases which provide valuable insights about what will resonate with others. Once you have committed this information to memory, review it and see if it relates to any kind of music style which interests you; it could relate back to the type of music piece that you compose best with your psychic abilities!


In conclusion, it is possible to use your intuition to write music. In fact, messages from the spirit world may help you create beautiful pieces of music that could inspire other people and affect the collective energy on a profoundly and meaningfully. I have learned that those who are more intuitively inclined can sense what others are feeling in their minds, bodies, and spirits. They are able to get messages from spirit by way of being psychic or seeing visions or hearing inner voice. To be successful in writing music through intuitive means it will take time for them to cultivate their abilities which will allow them to gain better insights into what they want and need in order for them to express themselves emotionally through the arts.


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