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Supporting Your Intuitive Child in a Pandemic

clarity empath energy intuition pandemic psychic psychic kids spirituality Nov 24, 2022
Supporting Your Intuitive Child in a Pandemic

Supporting Your Intuitive Child in a Pandemic

If you are a parent during a pandemic, chances are you already know the struggle is real! Parents everywhere are struggling with the words needed to explain the events unfolding, the tools and resources necessary to keep updated with legitimate information, the emotional strength to keep up with the questions and ever changing moods, support systems relied upon for basic survival such as; child care, education, health care, finances, food and so on. Now, if you are a parent with an intuitive child (also called psychic, spiritually gifted, empath, indigo, crystal, star seed etc.) then you are acutely aware of the added support your child requires during this highly energetic time in the world: a pandemic! Looking for ways to support your intuitive child may feel overwhelming or like you are a fish out of water, especially if you cannot relate to your child in this way, this is normal give yourself a pat on the back and take a deep breath as you read on for 11 tips to supporting your intuitive child!

Burn off that energy!

The number one survival tip for parents with intuitive children is to encourage them to burn off their built-up energy! Intuitive children are sensitive to the energy of everything and may unknowingly absorb the energy around them (this is known as an empath). Chances are you can relate to this if you have ever come home after a long day at work and feel tense, sore, tired or short-tempered. This is how you know you have picked up too much energy from your surroundings, and it is time to release it. Go for a walk, dance it out, stretch; whatever the movement is make sure you change your physical actions! The quickest way to change your emotions from pent up energy is to change your physical actions.

Eat & drink!

Intuitive children need high-vibration foods such as vegetables, fruit and water to keep their energy flowing and clear. Allowing your kids to help with meal planning or meal prep will encourage them to consume these high-vibration foods. Do not be surprised if your child who once loved a juicy burger is now refusing to eat meat, or anything at all! Changes to the energy levels of your intuitive child will change how they want to eat. This is a very heavy energetic time in their surroundings, eating light and more frequently will help.

Stay grounded!

You will find during a pandemic you will ground in more ways than one! We all may be ‘grounded’ to home, to retreat for wellness, decluttering your home will allow the energy to flow. Practice soul grounding techniques, there are many, one that is common is imagining your body is a tree and growing roots into the earth for feelings of security and energy grounding. Practice the grounding that resonates with your child the most. Grounding may become a daily routine for intuitive children that have front-line working parents, or who have parents living separately in 2 homes. A routine will help with grounding, this is a chance to keep up with homework, bedtimes etc.

Get creative!

Creativity is the best outlet for intuitive children, it allows the intuitive energy to flow and clear from the physical body promoting overall wellness. Shake it up, dance, sing, colour, draw, paint, or journal!

Limit negativity!

Intuitive children will be affected by negativity on a deep level as most intuitive children feel they can sense future energy/events or what is coming. Limit the amount of negative chat, social media, news, disagreements that your child witnesses, and ensure they are not becoming engaged in too much energetic negativity.

Don’t forget to hug!

Gentle, loving touch goes a long way for the intuitive child’s ability to re-set and clear their energy and feel safe and loved. During a pandemic, love & gentle loving touch is essential since we may be physically-distancing from anyone who does not live in our homes. Most intuitive children will prefer a hug or handholding as they 'know' this is a natural way to heal, self and others. Love has the power to heal, the power to maintain wellness, the power to overcome and the power to evolve. Love is essential for survival, especially during a pandemic. Don’t forget the family pet, intuitive children love to interact with animals, they exchange an energy that most have never experienced, this is healing for both the pet and your intuitive child.

Share the plan!

Chances are you have a plan in place for your family during the pandemic, share with your children what the plan is. Most intuitive children will already know the energy in the home has shifted, sharing what the plan is will allow them to spend less time trying to ‘tune in’ to the happenings of the home, and more time helping to ensure the plans go smoothly since having a credible plan is what they need to feel security, especially intuitive children that ‘know’ things without knowing how they know (this is known as a Claircognizant). Some intuitive children, such as Indigos, will show some resistance and it is important to provide them with as much credible information as possible. Indigos have a hard time buying into ideas and concepts so credible information and statistics will go a long way, especially for the teenagers.

Get Connected!

Physical distancing during a pandemic can be hard for intuitive children that need to keep connected to family and friends, this is a great time to phone, video chat someone that will keep them feeling connected.


You may be surprised with what your child thinks they know about, not only the pandemic, but the world in general! Listen to what they have to say and hear them out. Every child wants to be heard; heck we all want to be heard. Listening to your intuitive child provides insight into how they see things with open eyes or limiting belief systems. We are meant to learn from our intuitive children, not only teach.


When your child is ready, they will want to talk about things they have been thinking about. Intuitive children keep their emotions close to their vest; this may be a process with little chats along the way. It is all in the wording, try to share words that will not affect how they will ultimately view the world in general, for example: “Never go outside” may make them feel scared of the unknown and always worry in the future. “Let’s go outside together” will allow them to feel the security of knowing they can go outside; go with someone they love and trust.

Be honest!

Intuitive children are highly sensitive to the energy of others, the energy of their surroundings, the energy of the world and this ability is how they ‘know’ they can trust. This is a huge amount of energy your child is processing daily and may often feel like a burden if not processed in a healthy way. If your child has ever asked “what is wrong mom?” even when you thought you did a great job at putting on a smile, you need to be prepared to answer honestly because your answer to this question is a determining factor for your entire relationship! Do not panic, you do not have to tell all of your feelings to your child, just be honest and this reply may help “I am thinking about something, thank you for noticing, if I need to chat I know you are here for me and I love you!”

Most intuitive children are introverts and this much family time and energy created by the buzz of the pandemic may bring on headaches, tummy aches, mood changes, intuitive dreams, changes in appetite, longing for alone time or becoming extra cuddly, feelings of overwhelm and tiredness. It is an important balance of managing and supporting your intuitive child’s needs and reaching out for professional services such as a medical doctor, therapist etc. It is ok to ask your child what they need and how you can support them, parents do not need to have the answers to everything, just being there goes a long way for the intuitive child after all, we are all going through the stages of grieving a life we used to know, now we have to support our intuitive children through this grief process with the tips above. Changing routines may be difficult however, your intuitive child already knows this is a universal time for change and we are about to know a ‘new’ life!

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