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What To Expect From A Psychic Medium

clarity energy mediumship psychic readings spirituality Nov 24, 2022
What To Expect From A Psychic Medium

What To Expect From A Psychic Medium

Have you come to the conclusion that a psychic medium can provide the service that you are seeking? Great! Thousands of people each day visit a psychic medium for the first time! A psychic medium reading is a session that takes place where the professional uses their psychic abilities to provide guidance, insight or clarity to the client, as well as assisting in connecting to Spirit. 

There are various reasons that people make the decision to book a reading with a psychic medium for the first time. However, almost all clients are unsure of what to expect during their reading. Luckily, there are some standard practices that you can expect from a psychic medium that may ease some of your nerves, as well as provide some insight into what you should expect during your reading!

Here are a few things to expect, and keep in mind, when having a reading from a psychic medium:

You will get personal

When a psychic medium is connecting with you, they are connecting to your energetic vibration through your auric field, and the energy around you, to discover what messages are coming through for you. Some messages may come from spirits of loved ones, or acquaintances, Spirit Guides and any other member of your Spiritual Team, and their messages may touch on relationships, love, family, career etc. After all, the entire process itself is already quite intimate, and is intended to provide insight or clarity on your own spiritual journey. The more open you are to receiving, the more valuable of an experience you will get.


You can ask questions

Do you have a specific question that you must know the answer to? Excellent! I was born a medium which naturally makes me psychic. While growing up with this ability, I always felt compelled to help others and that’s why I am honoured to share my gift as a career! That being said, I love when clients ask questions during a session. When you ask questions, you are more likely to understand the process, or how to interpret what messages are being delivered, because every psychic medium gets energy and delivers messages uniquely. Asking questions also helps you understand your goals to leave feeling empowered with insight you were searching for. There are some psychic mediums that prefer you do not ask questions, so check this out prior to your session. Also, there may be times that you have a question and you cannot get an answer or do not get the answer you are hoping for, keep an open mind and trust the process.


Whoever wants to come forward, will

Here’s the reality, sometimes a spirit will have lots to say, sometimes they may not. It is completely up to spirit as to whether they come through during your session, and this does not mean they do not want to come or they are 'lost' or that you did something wrong, often if their visit will not be understood or received well and cause more grieving they will hold back until the timing is right. Sometimes the spirit you expect is not the one that will show up for you, rest assured, the one that is the right spirit for the message will be the one that comes to connect with you after all, it's what your soul needs, not always what we want. The spirits that do come with a message, want to provide comfort, validation, support and love. Many people have a negative connotation when they hear the word “Spirit” or think connecting is frightful. If Spirit senses that you are fearful or closed off, they will be reluctant to communicate and bring forward their energy, we need to keep a higher level of energetic vibration in order to easily connect with their spiritual energy.


It may not be the right fit

Every psychic medium has their own unique ability and each client has unique goals for their session. Sometimes people feel unsatisfied with the experience that they had because they were unable to align with the psychic or understand how to interpret their messages. Occasionally, two energies lack connection and that is okay. This is why it is important to do research in order to get the most out of your reading! Tools like Google Review gives users a short cut through the proverbial noise. Another good way to select your psychic medium is to search for personal recommendations. Another good way to know if you are choosing the best fit is to check out their social media or website and 'feel' our the energy, to see if you 'feel' drawn to them. Once you do so, you are in the optimal position to make a selection on who you wish to share this special experience with.

It’s important to remember that sometimes your reading may not make sense in the present moment, however keep an eye out for the meaning or signs of validation as it’s bound to unravel right before your eyes in no time! 

Many psychic mediums may allow you to record or take notes during your session, this is a great resource for you to review the details of your session later when your energy has balanced. Before you record, always ask permission, some may prefer no electronic devices as this can interfere with their energy.

Your psychic medium will help you discover your authentic Self, provide helpful insight, and hopefully connect to Spirit. After your session you should take some time to reflect on the messages you received and how it has impacted you. As with anything in life, what you put into to it will affect what you get out of your experience, have a great time and enjoy your reading!


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