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Why You Don't Make Time For Self Care

clarity self care spirituality Nov 24, 2022
Why You Don't Make Time For Self Care

Why You Don't Make Time For Self Care

Stop. Drop. Roll. Girl, your Soul is on fire! How often do you find yourself wanting to do something you’d like, just to discover there is not enough time? There are people just like You and I, that spend all of their time doing what they feel like they HAVE to do, instead of what they would LIKE to do. Many people are so busy with their daily obligations all while balancing relationships, family and a career. It’s time to decompress and welcome in self-care time to your daily routine!

Keep reading to learn the top reasons why you don’t take the time for the self-Care time you need, and deserve!


Your responsibilities often keep you so consumed that even when you do not have imminent responsibilities, you tend to hold off on doing things for yourself in fear that it will be interrupted. Societal beliefs have taught you that being busy is the new “cool” and that struggling with an over load of responsibility is something to be glorified. However, being burdened by too many responsibilities can result in chronic stress, unhappiness and other ailments that can be debilitating. Instead of taking too on too much responsibility, try setting boundaries to protect your time! It’s important to make others aware that you need uninterrupted time. Another practice to become comfortable with is saying “no”. Once you feel empowered enough to use the word “no” comfortably, you will no longer go out of your parameters, leaving more time for the self-care that you desperately need!


With the many responsibilities you are trying to fulfill, the idea of free time may seem daunting. Sometimes you may find yourself feeling anxious from the idea of free time, and feel that the element of leisure is something that shouldn’t be included in your daily life. In result of feeling such ways, people tend to prioritize their accomplishments before their general happiness! In order to counteract the overwhelming feelings that come with free time, try to schedule tasks that need to completed while also allotting time for self-care rituals. By doing so, you are able to visualize your schedule and see that you do indeed have time for all of it, including self-care.


You may not know what to do with the free time you’ve granted yourself with! People tend to look for an activity that is going to fulfill all of their specific needs, yet find difficulty choosing something to commit to. If you’re left feeling indecisive in regards to how you should spend your free time, try saying “yes”! Although it is easier to default to saying “no” when you say “yes”, it shows that you are bold enough to take risks and open yourself up to potential exciting experiences. Once you are able to take the plunge and participate in new things, you’ll be able to tell whether you enjoy the variety of activity or if you should stick to your passion!

Financial Concerns

Sometimes people associate taking time for themselves with spending money. This can include getting a manicure, going out for dinner, seeing a movie, etc. All activities listed cost money, and sometimes that influences what we choose to do with our spare time because of how much money we have available for spending purposes. Unfortunately, the thought of spending money on ones self can be overwhelming for people — let’s be honest, no one wants to be stressed while trying to enjoy themselves! Try to search for any supplies and equipment for an activity that you may have laying around, and then brainstorm a way to incorporate what you have on hand for a fun activity! If making a purchase is necessary, consider coming up with a budget that also includes a portion for self-Care activities.

Self-care is not something that should feel like a reward. Instead, it’s time to look at it as something that you should focus on incorporating into your daily routine! Remember when creating your weekly to-do list to include time for yourself. Do not feel obligated to spend lots of money and lots of time, just a few minutes to yourself will be just as effective. You will be better able to give to others once you also take care of yourself too!


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